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台語學習資源Taigi Learning Resources(初學者/Beginner/初心者向け)

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

***不定期更新/Will keep updating


This post is for those who are curious about the language but do not know where to start. I recommend you start with learning the alphabet, POJ, so that it will be much easier to pronounce words and look them up in the dictionary.




I speak Taigi roughly at an intermediate level without ever being formally taught. I only started to learn POJ this year, and I can tell you my pronunciation has already become much better!



I have been using/ will be using the learning resources listed below:



  • 內容詳盡的文法書,有電子書版本。

  • 例句是用白話字寫的,並提供中英翻譯

  • 我才剛買這本書,之後會開始讀。大家來跟我一起用這本書學台語!

  • A comprehensive grammar book, Kindle version available.

  • Example sentences written in POJ, and translations in both Mandarin& English

  • I just bought this book and will be studying it soon! Come learn with me!


  • 用英文向初學者教台語、提供不同台語程度的內容

  • Uses English to teach Taiwanese for beginners

  • Offers content at different levels


《來學台語白話字》by 台南妹仔教你講台語

  • 我是跟著這個Youtuber學白話字跟聲調的。我很喜歡她的教學風格

  • 有中文字幕

  • This is where I learned POJ and tones from. I really like her teaching style.

  • Mandarin sub. available!

《Tâigí Phonics》by 阿勇台語 Aiong Taigi

  • 用英文教白話字跟聲調

  • Lessons for POJ and tones in English


Glossikas Taiwanese course

  • 免費!適合學一些可以馬上應用在生活中的慣用句子

  • It’s FREE!

  • Good for learning ready-to-use phrases


  • 聽音樂是一個讓自己維持學語言的動力跟興趣的好方法。我搜集了各種曲風的台語歌。

  • Listening to music is a good way to keep yourself motivated and interested in the language!

  • I collected songs in Taiwanese from a wide range of genre.


  • 用Android跟iOS的手機鍵盤,簡單打出白話字!

  • You can easily type in POJ if you install this app on your phone. both Android and iOS supported!

  • Search "PhahTaigi" on your app store.

Online dictionaries

  • 可以用白話字、中文、英文查。推薦用「相關--ê/模糊搜尋」來搜尋。

  • 搜尋結果是從不同字典擷取出來的(包括下面會介紹的紙本字典)

  • 沒有音檔

  • You can search in POJ, Mandarin, English.

  • I recommend you use 相關--ê/模糊搜尋 as search method.

  • Search results provided are from multiple dictionaries (including the paper dictionaries listed below).

  • No audio provided.

  • 可以用中文來搜尋。有投票系統,可以知道查到的講法有沒有被廣泛接受。

  • 有聲檔(機器人)

  • You can search in Mandarin

  • Offers a voting system to tell if the saying is widely accepted like Urban Dictionary:「按呢講好(thumbs up)」、「按呢怪怪(thumbs down)」

  • Audio provided (robot)

  • 提供中文跟台文漢字搜尋

  • 有Android跟iOS的app

  • 有聲檔(真人)

  • You can search in Mandarin or Taiwanese Hàn-jī(Chinese characters)

  • Android & iOS app available

  • Audio provided (human)

Paper dictionaries

  • 白話字、中文、英文的對照字典。官網可以下載PDF檔。

  • Taiwanese vocabulary in POJ with translations in Mandarin and English.

  • You can download it as PDF.

  • 白話字、中文、英文的對照字典。有些有例句。

  • 網站設計不是很好用,但是這本書的內容真的很棒!

  • Taiwanese vocabulary in POJ with translations in Mandarin and English. Some are provided with example sentences.

  • The UI is not perfect, but this book is really useful.


  • 網羅台語、客語、原住民語學習資源的資料庫。

  • 可以用程度跟媒體來篩選結果

  • A database of learning resources for Taiwanese, Hakka, and Aboriginal languages.

  • You can filter the results by levels and media.

  • 廣泛地搜集台語出版物,包括白話字、台羅、漢羅等等。上面列出來的紙本字典也是從這裡找到的。你甚至可以找到19世紀的出版物!

  • This website has a wide variety of Taiwanese publications in different writing systems, including the dictionaries listed above.

  • You can even find publications dating back to the 19th century!

(Photo by Belle Co from Pexels)

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